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Expand and enhance with our amazing sheds

We’ve supplied many happy homeowners throughout Nottingham with sheds, which make their lives easier and gardens more attractive. Amazing customer service, great quality materials, and lasting results make us the ideal choice.

High quality results at low prices

Luxury and style doesn’t have to cost the earth, and all of our well-designed and expertly installed sheds are affordably priced. Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your budget and needs to make sure that you get the shed you’ve always wanted.

An extra space

With our lives becoming more and more hectic nowadays, a shed can be a place to retreat from the world for quiet thought. It also makes a great storage space for any garden tools or a potting shed for avid gardeners. The structures can also be used as pet homes or kennels, or even a playhouse for children!






approxPrices Include V.A.T 2” x 2” Pressure Treated
6ft x 4ft£635.00£60.00£30.00
8ft x 4ft£785.00£60.00£30.00CLADDING ROOF FLOOR
5ft x 5ft£660.00£60.00£30.00Tongued & Grooved
6ft x 5ft£705.00£60.00£30.00Joinery Quality
7ft x 5ft£780.00£70.00£35.00
8ft x 5ft£840.00£70.00£35.00Doors hung left or right
6ft x 6ft£780.00£70.00£35.00
7ft x 6ft£835.00£70.00£35.00Bases must be level
8ft x 6ft£855.00£80.00£35.00Allow 4”-5” for roof overhang
9ft x 6ft£940.00£80.00£40.00Glass Held With Pins
10ft x 6ft£1050.00£80.00£40.00Roof Green Felt
12ft x 6ft£1310.00£90.00£40.00
7ft x 7ft£885.00£80.00£35.00
8ft x 7ft£985.00£80.00£35.00
8ft x 8ft£1055.00£80.00£40.00
10ft x 8ft£1300.00£100.00£50.00
12ft x 8ft£1550.00£120.00£55.00
16ft x 8ft£2050.00£140.00£65.00
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